For adult students

What kind of adult takes music lessons?

This adult student has just returned to lessons following the birth of her baby.
This adult student has just returned to lessons following the birth of her baby.

 All kinds!  My adult students have included:


  • Absolute beginners. 
  • People who took lessons when they were younger have returned to music study.
  • Pianists who want to learn how to play the organ.
  • Organ students who have never played the piano.
  • Students with a specific goal in mind such as:
    • Playing for church.
    • Learning music by a specific composer.
    • Learning favorite songs or hymns to play for their own enjoyment.
    • Learning music theory and music appreciation.
  • Parents of children who want to take lessons alongside their children.
  • Working adults who want to have an artistic outlet.
  • Retirees who want to try something new—or return to something they did years ago.
  • Local college students who want to take piano lessons without the pressure of taking lessons for credit at the college.


What are some of the differences that may apply to adult students?

Here are some of the differences that may apply to adult students.

  • Scheduling — Although weekly lessons are encouraged for the best progress, adult responsibilities often mean that lessons every other week are more realistic.  In some instances, occasional lessons on an “at will” basis may be appropriate.
  • Choice of music — Adults get to choose the kind of music that they want to play and have veto power if I suggest something that they don’t want to play.
  • Curriculum — The curriculum will be developed based upon the adult student’s goals.
    • Are you looking for a comprehensive step-by-step approach that includes instruction in note-reading, scales, theory, technique, and repertoire? — Then that’s what we’ll do.
    • Perhaps you are returning to lessons after years off and you want to focus on Bach. —Then Bach it will be!
    • Is your goal playing for church?  Then we will work together for you to acquire the skills you need to play for church.
    • Are you a pianist wanting to learn how to play the organ?  Then the focus will be the transition from piano to organ.
  • Performance requirements — There are no performance requirements for adults.  However, adults are always welcome to perform in studio recitals, in adjudications, at the Kitsap Mall Christmas performance, in some festivals sponsored by the Kitsap Music Teachers Association, or at venues of their own choosing.

It's never too late!

It is never too late to learn to play a musical instrument or to return to lessons after years away from study.  After years of teaching, I am convinced that anyone with the desire to learn and the discipline to work can learn to play a musical instrument.


I invite you to browse my website to for more information about my studio.  If you think I might be the right teacher to help you reach your musical goals, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.